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REPPUTATION MARKETING is a highly unique agency specializing in the firearms and tactical industry that engages with the shooting, hunting and outdoor lifestyle markets. Partners Ryan Repp and Joshua Coburn have represented some of the largest and most recognized companies in the world to launch products, shape perceptions, drive consumer awareness and add fuel to the fire, while achieving over-the-top and memorable results.

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Ryan Repp

Ryan Repp

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Ryan Repp is a highly innovative, creative, and ambitious marketing personality in the firearm industry, with a deep understanding and respect for the complex firearm culture in the United States. As the former Vice President of Marketing for the legendary Brownells, he made a large impact and accomplished an impressive list of well-known, admired, and successful campaigns that have been touted as “…some of the greatest the industry has ever seen!” The Iowa native hails from a long family line of avid hunters and sharp target shooters, which inspired him to pursue a career in Law Enforcement, where he became a Police Officer and Field Training Officer. Eventually, he was called to chase after something more creative that reflected his gregarious personality and passion for really cool cars. He landed as the NASCAR® Track Public Relations Representative for the high-profile, major motorsports organization. It was thrilling, full-throttle, and after several laps, it took him around the bend, where he went on to achieve a very successful 11-year tenure at Brownells.

Repp started as the Copywriter and Scriptwriter for Brownells and quickly rose to the position of Director of PR/Communications and ultimately became the Vice President of Marketing, where he continued to work alongside owner Pete Brownell. He was instrumental in shaping the company’s fun, pro-freedom personality while holding true to its 80-plus-year-old tradition of being a stalwart for gunsmiths, gun guys, and gals around the world. Repp is well-known in the industry for his unique, fun, humor-driven character, which has led him to befriend hundreds of people ranging from major CEOs, entrepreneurs, journalists, celebrities, social media personalities, fellow marketing professionals, consumers, and many more! His affiliate marketing program advice led Ammoland’s Fredy Riehl to call Ryan his “Million-Dollar Man”!

He was a Communications Advisor and Speechwriter to a past President of the National Rifle Association (NRA). In 2018, he was honored by Special Operations Wounded Warriors (SOWW) with their prestigious “Tip of the Spear” Award. In 2019, Repp was a U.S. Presidential appointee candidate to lead public affairs for ICE – a position he ultimately turned down to stay in his beloved industry. He previously served as a Board Member for the Professional Outdoor Media Association, as well as a Board Member of Iowa COPS. He has been involved in many charities such as Mission 22, SOWW, Folds of Honor, and Iowa COPS.

In 2023, Repp launched Repputation Marketing, a highly unique agency specializing in the firearms and tactical industry that engages with the shooting, hunting, and outdoor lifestyle markets. Along with his business partner, Joshua Coburn, Repp has represented some of the largest and most recognized companies in the world to launch products, shape perceptions, drive consumer awareness, and achieve over-the-top and memorable results. They served as Co-Creative Directors on Brownells Retro Rifles launch, which was referred to by industry celebrity MrGunsNGear as “The greatest ad campaign in the history of the gun industry.” Repp and Coburn are eager to hear about your brand’s needs, goals, and aspirations and create the next “Greatest ad campaign in the history of the gun industry.

Joshua Coburn

Joshua Coburn

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Joshua Coburn is a multifaceted individual whose entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking have left an indelible mark across various industries. A motivational speaker, author, Dissident Cigars co-owner, firearms marketer, social media guru – his talents are simply too many to list.

Coburn’s expertise in social media marketing has been pivotal in shaping the landscape of firearm industry branding. During his tenure with Brownells, Coburn spearheaded initiatives that propelled the brand to the forefront of organic social reach within the firearm community. His strategic approach and captivating content not only garnered attention but also fostered meaningful engagement, establishing Brownells as the most engaged brand in the firearm industry.

Collaborating with Ryan Repp, Coburn engineered ad campaigns that revolutionized the gun industry’s marketing landscape. Their innovative strategies, characterized by creativity and authenticity, set a new standard for advertising within the industry, earning acclaim as “the best the gun industry has ever seen.” Through their collaborative efforts, Coburn and Repp demonstrated an unparalleled ability to captivate audiences and drive results, solidifying their reputation as trailblazers in marketing and branding.

Joshua Coburn’s journey as an entrepreneur, marketer, and creative force has been defined by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking. Whether crafting compelling narratives for luxury cigar brands or revolutionizing marketing strategies in the firearm industry, Coburn continues to inspire and empower others through his passion, innovation, and unwavering dedication to his craft.

Contact Joshua: joshua@repputationmarketing.com

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